Meme Coin With AI Superpowers: Why Oracle Meme Could Outperform Dogecoin in 2024

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Dogecoin stands out as the most iconic meme coin ever. The first of its kind, DOGE is the world’s largest meme coin to this date.

It has climbed 177661% since May 07, 2015.  That was 9 years ago. Few assets can boast the massive return rate of DOGE.

That said, there is no point in buying DOGE now, hoping for similar returns. The token has largely saturated, with its market cap surging above $21B.

Oracle Meme Combines AI & Meme Coin Trends

Oracle Meme ($OMEME) is a fresh addition to the meme coin landscape.

It dares to break away from traditional meme coins that solely depend on speculation for price action. Diverging from the pet meme coin archetype, the token distinguishes itself through its innovative AI functionalities.

Here is a quick look at the Oracle Meme ecosystem in the making:

  • Meme AI Generator: Easy and convenient meme creation with AI-generated suggestions, customizable elements, and frictionless sharing options.
  • Meme Coin Generator: Create your own meme coins effortlessly, regardless of your technical knowledge.
  • Meme Layer-2 Network: A scalable and efficient network for swift, cost-effective transactions across Oracle Meme and its partner platforms.
  • Meme Wallet: For the seamless management of all meme coins in one convenient location.
  • Meme Launchpad: Smooth launches for new meme coins, early investment opportunities for $OMEME token holders.

With the strategic fusion of AI and meme coin elements, $OMEME is expected to enter the spotlight as the next major crypto of 2024.

Oracle Meme plans to introduce more products aligned with emerging market trends further along the road. It is steered by the vision to make meme coins accessible to more creators, investors, and users.

Tokenomics Designed for Sustained Growth and Community Involvement

The token allocation strategy of $OMEME focuses on fostering sustained growth and community involvement.

For example, in the presale phase, investors can start staking their tokens and earn attractive rewards.

Among the capped supply of 50 billion tokens, 40% is allocated to the presale phase, highlighting the project’s community-driven ethos.

OMEME tokenomics

Proceeds from the presale go toward project development, marketing efforts, and liquidity.

$OMEME’s utility extends to various functions such as staking, microtransactions, voting and governance mechanisms, and tipping, to name a few.

In addition to the native ecosystem, the Oracle Meme token will play a pivotal role in partner ecosystems across different sectors, including gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi).

$OMEME is set to evolve into a versatile token with the potential to make a significant impact across diverse domains.

How $OMEME Tackles Pump-and-Dump Schemes

Meme coins fall prey to initial pump-and-dump schemes often.

Meme coin investors and traders stockpile tokens during the presale phase at low prices. Once the coin gains momentum and rises in value, they sell their holdings, netting ROIs in two and three digits.

This rapid selling ignites a cascade effect, with the market following suit. That leads to a sharp decline in the token’s price.

That explains why most meme coins have a short lifespan. Pump-and-dump schemes are lucrative for early adopters. But long-term investors and projects suffer in the aftermath of the selling frenzy.

How to Buy OMEME

To counter these early-stage sell-offs, Oracle Meme has launched staking. It is an effective strategy as it promotes long-term investment through attractive interest rates,

With rewards increasing the longer an investor holds onto their tokens, it is an exciting notion. The rewards compound over time, providing a compelling incentive for long-term investment.

10 billion tokens, constituting 20% of the total token supply, are set aside in the OMEME tokenomics as staking rewards.

According to the website, the staking rewards come at an annual return rate of 107%. Significantly higher compared to the industry standard, it is a compelling incentive.

To learn more about the project and the staking system, check out the Oracle Meme white paper.

$OMEME Token Presale Kicks off on May 27, 2024

The much-awaited $OMEME token presale is set to commence on May 27, 2024.

During the presale phase, investors can acquire the token for discounted prices.

The $OMEME community is expanding steadily. This growth trajectory is similar to that of successful meme coins such as Shiba Inu and Pepe during their early stages.

Once the presale allocation is exhausted, $OMEME tokens will be listed on popular crypto CEXs and DEXs.

The growing interest in the project indicates high speculative potential that can drive $OMEME up the price charts. Early investors stand to gain from the growing price of the token.

Can Oracle Meme Outperform Dogecoin in 2024?

Dogecoin is the world’s largest meme coin.

That also renders it largely saturated. Realistically, DOGE can give ROIs in double digits this year in a bullish market.

OMEME Presale

$OMEME, on the other hand, is a promising new meme coin with larger room for returns. Given its low initial market cap, the token can give returns ranging from 10X to 100X, depending on the market reception.

The project’s AI integration also gives it large growth potential.

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