Memecoin Pumps 70% in A Day – Chimpzee to Follow Suit?

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Memecoin ($MEME) takes the market by storm again with a 70% price surge in less than 24 hours. Although the price action of $MEME is waning, the broader market meme coin mania has just begun, according to industry experts.

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ), now in the fifteenth stage of the presale after crossing the $2.3M milestone, is showing promising signs of leading the next meme coin craze.

$CHMPZ is rapidly approaching an early sell-out

$CHMPZ tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the Chimpzee ecosystem, are being offered at a fixed, discounted rate during its presale. The last and sixteenth stage of the presale will begin soon.

The traffic to the meme coin is on the rise as $CHMPZ trends across different meme coin communities. In response to the growing excitement, Chimpzee has launched a flash promo with up to 2X bonus coins.

Although Chimpzee is packaged with a meme coin label, it is a green token with a mission to promote climate action by supporting wildlife conservation efforts.

A powerful tool against deforestation

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have proven to be powerful tools in efforts that require global coordination. Chimpzee implements blockchain capabilities in its fight against rapid climate change through wildlife conservation.


The in-built transparency and decentralization of blockchain make it an ideal tool for such a vast undertaking as wildlife conservation.

Chimpzee doesn’t limit itself to the conventional use of cryptocurrencies, however. Instead, it introduces crypto rewards to boost active participation across its three interconnected platforms.

The Chimpzee ecosystem

The first platform of Chimpzee belongs to the shop-to-earn category. Here, sustainability-focused users can explore a diverse range of merchandise, including t-shirts and mugs featuring environmentally themed quotes.

The Chimpzee Shop is now live for preview. But users will have to wait till the second version is live to make purchases from the platform.

Of course, flaunting Chimpzee merchandise is an expression of alignment with the project’s mission. It also builds awareness around the initiative. In addition, users earn rewards every time they make a purchase with Chimpzee. These rewards are paid in CHMPZ tokens—the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

Unlike traditional loyalty programs that can only be used for buying products or services from the said brand, Chimpzee tokens can be converted into popular cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies through major crypto exchanges.

The crypto reward system adds an extra layer of utility and flexibility to Chimpzee’s ecosystem. If you’re passionate about wildlife conservation, the Chimpzee Shop provides an opportunity for additional income through its merchandise store.

The trade-to-earn platform of Chimpzee functions as an NFT marketplace with an integrated profit-sharing mechanism. It allows active traders to boost their earnings through the platform.

The first two Chimpzee platforms operate primarily on utility.

But the third platform, that is the play-to-earn ‘Zero Tolerance Game’ introduces an element of fun and thrill to Chimpzee. Through gripping mechanics, it turns the spotlight on deforestation issues, inspiring gamers to translate their awareness into real-life action.

A share of the revenue generated on these platforms is donated to wildlife initiatives from around the world.

NFTs for climate action

Chimpzee brings engagement and activity to its ecosystem through multiple means as discussed above. Apart from CHMPZ tokens, it is primarily facilitated through Chimpzee NFT Passports, which offer multiple benefits and privileges to holders.

Exclusive Chimpzee NFT Passports will be offered once the CHMPZ presale comes to an end. Users who did not participate in the presale should wait until after the whitelist event to get an NFT passport.

Presale investors will have the first opportunity to acquire the NFT passports before they become accessible to the public.

Chimpzee features

Staking is another interesting feature enabled through NFTs. It provides an attractive source of income for investors, adding a layer of passive income and creating a dynamic and rewarding experience for participants.

The next exciting product in the pipeline for the project is the Chimpzee smartphone app, which leverages artificial intelligence to generate personalized Chimpzee AI avatars. Users can craft unique Chimpzee avatars and customize their NFT Passports.

A robust burning mechanism supports price action

Chimpzee tokenomics undergoes regular burning mechanisms. It boosts the price of the token in the open market, particularly benefiting early investors.

The project has been burning a share of its total supply every time it hits a presale milestone. The burning mechanism will be implemented even after the presale stage is over. For example, the CHMPZ coins used to buy Chimpzee NFT passports will be subjected to burning, resulting in the removal of 5 billion tokens from the total supply.

Can Chimpzee replicate $MEME mania?

Since Chimpzee is a meme coin project with sustainability use cases in wildlife conservation, it has the potential to outperform $MEME.

The presale is the last opportunity to grab the tokens for a discounted price. The token launch is predicted to 10X the token within the first few hours due to the mounting FOMO.

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