Meta Masters Edging Closer to Becoming Premier Web3 Gaming Guild with Staking Launch

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There are a lot of good Web3 gaming experiences in the crypto market, but few offer a full-fledged experience. This is key to making a platform popular and attracting as many users as possible.

One project that is doing a phenomenal job of that is Meta Masters Guild, which incorporates many of the best features of previous projects and adds its own ideas and technological advancements.

The project recently released its staking facility and has also announced that its first game is on track for release. Learn about these features here, as well as more about the project in general.

What is the Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild is a guild for mobile gaming on the Web3 platform. It serves as a central location where users gather to participate in diverse games and utilize the rewards offered by the ecosystem.

The guild provides multiple features, including the opportunity to earn gems by playing games, exchange them for MEMAG tokens, purchase or win NFTs from a store, stake tokens and NFTs to generate yields and exchange MEMAG tokens for other cryptocurrencies like ETH and USDT. Additionally, collectors can use NFTs to construct their collections and generate income.

The Perfect Gaming Ecosystem for Web3

The MEMAG token is the driving force behind the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem. Players are rewarded in Gems for their participation in each game, which can then be converted to MEMAG tokens. These tokens can be withdrawn as cash or reinvested back into the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem, providing players with fair compensation and incentivizing them to devote more time and resources to the platform.


In addition, players can purchase premium NFTs from the Meta Masters Guild website store, which can be stored in their wallet and utilized in-game. These premium items have superior statistics and provide players with a greater chance of success in various games, increasing their gem earnings as a result.

The team behind Meta Masters Guild is actively seeking collaborations with developers to create high-quality games and establish partnerships. Additionally, the team aims to reward skilled players by providing better incentives to top performers and cultivating an eSports community.

Meta Masters Guild is also committed to supporting eSports teams and content creators. The project will sponsor any official eSports team and content creators who are interested in playing the games developed by the guild. This provides an opportunity to promote the games and grant access to premium in-game items, demonstrating the full range of possibilities.

Several Launches Showcases Meta Masters Guild Growth Potential

Meta Masters Guild has made a lot of progress since the end of its presale. This is putting in place for rapid growth in 2023, with many of these fundamental features adding utility to its token and ecosystem.

The project recently launched its staking facility on March 15, with 3 staking pools available. Stakers have a choice of 7, 30, and 90-day lockup periods. This will go on until the end of April. So far, over 50.7 million MEMAG has been staked, which is worth about $500,000.

The NFT store has also gone live, currently offering a limited supply of NFTs that can be used in games. The store will undergo an upgrade in April, resulting in a better user experience and more NFT rarity classes.

Meta Masters Guild Has a Big 2023 Ahead

Of course, none of this matters without games, and everything is on track in that regard. The team notes that Meta Karts Racers, its first game, will see the launch of a fully playable lite version in June or July. The community will provide feedback on this release, which the team will implement in the game.

To be more specific, Meta Kart Racers is a racing game developed by Gamearound, a UK-based company. It is currently in the second of its 5 planned sprints of development. Designed specifically for mobile devices, this PvP game involves players battling each other in the highly competitive Meta Kart Championship while also attempting to evade the sinister Meta overlords. Successful players will be rewarded with gems, which can be traded for MEMAG tokens.

Then there’s Meta Masters World, a metaverse featuring a vast world for players to discover. The primary focus is on exploration, promising a robust open-world experience with various game mechanics. According to Meta Masters Guild, players will enjoy complete autonomy in this gaming world, with the ability to engage in activities such as exploration, resource gathering, and competition participation. However, it’s important to note that this concept is still in its early stages of development.

Finally, there’s Raid NFT – a turn-based fighting game that allows players to select from multiple warrior classes and engage in combat against other players in challenging environments. Players can earn gems by defeating opponents and completing challenges. In addition, Raid NFT offers the option to play either solo or against other players, catering to both single-player enthusiasts and those who enjoy multiplayer modes. It’s important to note that Raid NFT is still in the design phase of development.

Check Out the Meta Masters Guild Platform

Meta Masters Guild is a distinctive platform with the potential to revolutionize the P2E and Web3 landscape. The existence of several high-quality games in the development pipeline attests to its potential. There’s a lot in store in 2023, so it’s worth visiting the ecosystem to see what’s available.

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