New Low Market Cap Cryptocurrency Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) Begins Presale, Raises $275,000 In 24 Hours.

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The presale for the newly launched low market cap project Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) has raised an impressive $275,000 in its first 24 hours of being live.

The speedy investment demonstrates the building momentum behind this project that provides long-term rewards for accurately predicting the future price of Bitcoin.

Green Bitcoin brings Bitcoin’s potential to Ethereum, introducing a unique staking model called Gamified Green Staking to provide passive income rewards scaled to investment.

Introducing Green Bitcoin: An Innovative and Rewarding Ecosystem For Predicting Bitcoin Price

Green Bitcoin provides an avenue to empower users to make daily price predictions for Bitcoin and earn rewards.

Users who stake their $GBTC tokens in the Gamified Green Staking ecosystem can forecast the next day’s price movement and be rewarded if accurate.

As a result, Green Bitcoin provides a gamified ecosystem tied to Bitcoin’s price action with no environmental impact.


The rewards provided depend on the investment level, alongside the duration committed to the ecosystem. Therefore, those with higher stakes and more extended participation are rewarded the most.

The prediction concept is aimed to foster long-term engagement and activity within the ecosystem, with 100% token bonuses and new live challenges introduced weekly.

Groundbreaking Mechanism: Gamified Green Staking for Long-Term Prosperity

The Gamified Green Staking mechanism behind Green Bitcoin is designed for the long-term prosperity of the ecosystem by incentivizing participation.

The project has allocated 5.8 million $GBTC, 27% of the supply, for this incentivized staking concept, which will provide sustained rewards for the next two years.

Users must place their price predictions by 11:30 PM EST daily to start earning from this ecosystem.

The next round of predictions starts at 12:00 AM EST, allowing you to cast your next price call.

The platform tallies the day’s stakes against the actuarial Bitcoin price trend every day at midnight.

Those who place an accurate prediction earn a cut of the day’s mining fee rewards, which can be claimed every 24-hour cycle.

As this is the green version of Bitcoin, the rewards are distributed linearly every ten minutes, integrally, in line with the original Bitcoin block schedule.

Long-Term Rewards for Committed Participants With Brilliant Tokenomics

The best part about the ecosystem is that it incentivizes long-term participation to receive long-term rewards.

Those that place larger $GBTC stakers and lock them up for more extended periods of time stand to earn a bonus on top of their mining fee rewards if they cast accurate predictions.

For example, weekly stakers who stake their tokens for at least a week will receive an additional 5% bonus on top of their daily rewards.

Monthly stakers receive a 10% additional bonus, and six-month stakers will receive a substantial 15% boost in daily rewards.

This ecosystem is designed to show the project’s commitment to those who support the $GBTC network with their long-term engagement.

Furthermore, the tokenomics behind the platform have been carefully crafted to ensure long-term sustainability.

40% of the total supply will be sold in the presale, with an additional 27.5% set aside to provide rewards in the Gamified Green Staking ecosystem.

Another 17.5% is reserved for marketing, with 20% for DEX and CEX listings.

The final 5% is earmarked for community rewards to drive engagement.

Presale Raises $275,000 – Get Positioned Before Prices Rise.

The incredible speed to hit the $275,000 milestone demonstrates the building hype for this token.

Investors quickly anticipate enhanced returns, with many expecting 10x returns immediately following the presale.

Those investing in the early stages of the presale will earn an additional 100% APY on their purchase, providing an extra incentive to get involved as an early adopter of the token.

The early presale stage is selling $GBTC for $0.3.

Those buying in the early stages of the presale will receive an epic 100% return on their investment, as the token will be listed at $0.6.

The future price of the token will rise to $0.333 and then $0.455 in the later stages of the presale. Therefore, positioning as quickly as possible is essential to take advantage of the lower entry price.

Participating in the project is extremely easy. Simply head over to the project’s website and swap ETH, USDT, or USDC for $GBTC through the website’s interface.

Overall, the immediate hype behind $GBTC puts it in a fantastic position to deliver 10x returns following its presale.

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