A New 4K Chromecast with Google TV is Reportedly Coming Soon

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The 4K Chromecast with Google TV is reportedly set to receive an upgrade.

An unnamed source for 9to5Google claimed the US tech behemoth is preparing to release an enhanced 4K Chromecast that includes a new pill-shaped remote.

Aided by an Android TV 14 beta leak, further details have surfaced including a change to the button layout on the remote, with the introduction of a star button for a custom shortcut.

If this streaming device is real, it’s likely to operate on Android TV 14 OS with a new, faster chipset. That could be the Amlogic S905X5, the most recent chip used on the current version of the 4K Chromecast.

A successor device could bring other improvements, so there could such as extra RAM and storage. However, more power and advanced specs come at a cost, and Google will be wary of exceeding the price point for what is essentially an update to the existing Chromecast. 

The original launched at the price point of $50 (£60), so it will be interesting to see just what the rumored upgrade contains and at what price. Google could opt to remain with 2GB or RAM and 8GB of storage, but that would not entice current customers to take the plunge on the new offering.

No release date has been suggested, but 9to5 did suggest the model is almost ready to hit the market so we should not have long to wait on an official announcement if this is a genuine development. 

A launch for a new Chromecast could be possible this year, especially with Google I/O expected on May 14th. The Pixel 8a is also unofficially expected in the coming weeks.