Adobe Presents AI Assistant for Enhanced Video Editing

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Key Takeaways

  • Adobe introduces Acrobat AI Assistant and generative AI upgrade for editing.
  • Company SVP claims new features will solve problems and enhance the creative process.
  • Adobe appears to have leaned on Midjourney for AI model training, which is causing a stir.

Adobe has launched a premium AI assistant that will work with generative AI video tools within its Adobe Premiere Pro product. 

The new range of features looks set to significantly enhance users’ editing experience after the addition of the assistant was first announced in February.

Acrobat AI Assistant will be available as a monthly add-on with a subscription costing $4.99. It will be able to provide a comprehensive summary of documents and produce relevant citations to complement chatbot suggestions.

The Acrobat AI Assistant is being pushed as a document summary support, with the more intuitive generative AI service said to be an effective problem solver for video makers.


Ashley Still, SVP of Adobe’s Creative Product Group welcomed the updates.

“Adobe is reimagining every step of video creation and production workflow to give creators new power and flexibility to realize their vision.”

“By bringing generative AI innovations deep into core Premiere Pro workflows, we are solving real pain points that video editors experience every day, while giving them more space to focus on their craft,” added Still.

Controversy Around Adobe AI Training

Despite the fresh update for Adobe, there has been controversy surrounding the duel upgrade. Some claim the design software giant had partially trained its Firefly image generation model on images made by Midjourney, a rival platform.

As Bloomberg reported last week, Adobe’s AI appears to have been trained on AI from another prominent source with Midjourney images identified.

It is awkward for the company after it presented Firefly as an ethical alternative to Midjourney, with its copyright-free public content and use of open-license images. The shine has been taken off those claims, but Adobe has attempted to play down the furor.

A spokesperson insisted AI-generated images are made of no more than 5% of the data held within Firefly’s training set, with “every image” subjected to a moderation procedure to ensure they do not contravene any IP, trademarks, or recognizable characteristics.