Amazon Unveils Maestro: How AI Creates Perfect Personalized Playlists?

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Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Music rolls out Maestro, an AI playlist creator, in beta for U.S. users on iOS and Android.
  • Maestro generates personalized playlists using user prompts like emotions, activities, or emojis.
  • Feature available across all Amazon Music tiers, with full access for Unlimited subscribers and previews for others.

Amazon Music has launched Maestro, an AI-driven feature designed to enhance playlist creation.

Maestro is currently available in beta to a select group of U.S. users across all service tiers on iOS and Android. It simplifies the playlist-making process by allowing users to generate playlists using various prompts, including text, emojis, or themes.

Users can activate Maestro by inputting creative prompts ranging from emotions to activities or even random emoji combinations. Here are the examples of prompts Amazon offers:

Amazon Maestro promts | Source: Amazon blog
Amazon Maestro promts | Source: Amazon blog

If prompted by a robot emoji, the AI quickly curates a personalized playlist reflecting the chosen mood or activity. It features songs that align with the input, such as electronic or robot-themed tracks.

The rollout of Maestro to Amazon Music’s Free, Prime, and Unlimited subscribers is just beginning, with plans to expand access gradually.

While Unlimited subscribers can enjoy full tracks and save playlists immediately, Prime members and users of the ad-supported version get a preview of their playlists before deciding to save them.

AI-generated Playlists: New Trend?

Last week, Spotify also introduced AI Playlist, which is currently in beta. It empowers users in the UK and Australia to generate personalized playlists by entering text-based prompts into a chat interface.

This feature uses AI to analyze user inputs, ranging from music genres, emotions, artists, or even specific scenarios, and crafts playlists that cater to its users’ nuanced preferences.

Same as with Amazon Maestro, users can input a variety of prompts such as moods, activities, or even abstract concepts like colors or weather. The system then interprets them to produce tailored playlists reflecting the user’s desires or emotions.