Android 15 Will Include A ‘Private Space’ and Casting to Your Car

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Key Takeaways

  • Google has introduced the public-facing features of Android 15.
  • Private Space keeps your apps safe, while Casting is coming to cars.
  • The new OS should be available this fall.

Google has unveiled some the user-facing features of Android 15 as part of the release of beta 2, including a sought-after secure area for your apps.

Android 15 will include a “private space” that, somewhat like on Samsung phones, requires extra authentication to access particularly sensitive apps and their data, such as banking and health clients. You can use a different lock than you use to access your phone, and even hide the space so that intruders aren’t aware of its existence.

It should soon be easier to share content between your phone and your car. Android 15 adds Google Cast support to Android Automotive cars, starting with Rivian models. If there’s a video you want to watch while parked, you can beam it from your phone instead of using whatever apps might be present on the car itself.

The new release will also aim to best Apple’s recently launched iPhone anti-theft measures. A Theft Detection Lock option will use AI to detect if someone grabs your phone and tries to escape. If Android detects that motion pattern, it will lock your data to prevent a thief from accessing your info while the phone is still unlocked.

Other Android 15 features include real-time protection against fraud apps through Google Play Protect, the option to add cards to Google Wallet through photos, and augmented reality content viewable directly in Google Maps. Google TV will use Gemini to provide advanced recommendations with AI-made descriptions.

The platform is also getting satellite messaging support, and should even track your device’s storage health. Wear OS 5 watches will use less power during workouts and support more fitness data types.

Google already promised to make Gemini a “core” aspect of Android 15, and has outlined general Android improvements that include more sophisticated Circle to Search and screen-aware requests.

Google hasn’t narrowed down the timing for Android 15, but the tech giant typically releases major OS versions toward the end of the summer for Pixel owners. Other phones will get the software as their manufacturers ship separate upgrades.

As with Android 13 and 14, this isn’t a dramatic rethink of Google’s mobile platform. Even so, it might be useful for privacy-conscious users, and many devices will get it thanks to improving Android update policies from manufacturers like Samsung.