Android’s Expanded AI Will Detect Scam Phone Calls

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Google has outlined a string of AI-focused upgrades to Android, including the upcoming ability to catch scams in the middle of phone calls.

In an I/O 2024 presentation, Google showed a phone flagging a scam call that asked the listener to move money to keep it safe. The feature not only provided the option to end the call, but explained why the claim was bogus.

The Android AI upgrades also included expanded Circle to Search that could help answer math and physics problems. Students can get the instructions to obtain an answer without providing the answer itself. Later  this year, the feature will also tackle problems with formulas, graphs, and other more complex elements.

Gemini on Android, meanwhile, will have a better understanding of what’s on screen. You can ask questions about a video, and drag images from Gemini into the apps you’re using.

Gemini will also let you ask about PDFs, although you’ll need paid Advanced access (though a $20 monthly Google One AI Premium Plan) to process documents.

The AI updates will reach “hundreds of millions” of Android devices within a few months. Google also hinted that Android 15 will feature Gemini “at the core,” although it didn’t initially share more details.

The scam call detection could give Android an edge. While Android and iOS can both identify likely fraud calls before you answer, the new feature could help flag scams if you’ve already picked up the phone. They could also educate users who may not understand how scammers operate.