Apple and Google Exploring AI Partnership for iPhone Features

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple seeks partnership with Google for Gemini AI in iPhones.
  • Google's Gemini AI challenges ChatGPT, indicating a strategic move.
  • Apple plans to mix in-house and external AI in future iOS updates.

Apple is actively exploring a strategic partnership with Google to integrate the Gemini AI model into future iPhone functionalities, sources tell Bloomberg.

This move could further solidify Google’s influence, which is significant as the default search engine in Safari on Apple devices.

Insiders reveal that Apple aims to adopt Google’s advanced AI technology to roll out new AI-enhanced features in upcoming iOS updates. There’s also buzz around potential talks with OpenAI for GPT model integration, signaling Apple’s ambition to stay competitive in AI.

Apple is under pressure to escalate its AI game. It faces stiff competition from AI pioneers like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has teased the unveiling of Gen-AI features within the year, spotlighting AI as a key strategic focus.

Apple’s recruitment trends over the past year hint at the vigorous development of generative AI tools. Yet, considering third-party AI technologies, Apple’s internal AI advancements may be trailing expectations.

Apple’s next iOS 18 software update is anticipated at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The company might incorporate some native AI models for in-device functionalities. Nevertheless, the tech giant is also scouting for external AI collaborations for more sophisticated generative AI tasks like image generation and text assistance.

What Is Gemini AI

Google’s introduction of Gemini AI, featuring large language models with AlphaGo-inspired techniques, directly contradicts ChatGPT’s surge. With capabilities spanning multiple modes and possibly leveraging Google’s vast exclusive data, Gemini aims to disrupt the generative AI landscape. This initiative reflects Google’s aggressive stance on maintaining a competitive edge in the burgeoning generative AI field, estimated to reach a $1.3 trillion valuation by 2032.

Google’s Gemini journey has seen its fair share of hurdles, including a pause on its image generation feature due to inaccuracies. Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged these issues, stressing the importance of accuracy and reliability. Despite these challenges, Google successfully integrated Gemini in Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series and its own Pixel smartphones.