Apple Commits to ‘Minimum’ 5 Years of iPhone Security Updates

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple has pledged to provide at least five years of iPhone security updates.
  • It's the first time the company has publicly set update expectations.
  • Google and Samsung have vowed seven years of Android updates.

Apple has promised a “minimum” of five years of iPhone security updates, according to a filing.

The company told UK officials that the iPhone 15 Pro Max (and by extension, other iPhone models) would get the support for five years after first availability, or until September 22nd, 2028. Apple has long delivered five or more years of iPhone OS updates, but this is the first time it has publicly committed to a timeframe.

The company made the pledge in other to comply with the UK’s Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) rules, which took effect in late April of this year. Companies making internet-connected devices are required to outline how long they’ll provide security patches.

As Android Authority pointed out, this officially makes Apple’s support policy less ambitious than some Android manufacturers. While Apple historically supported the iPhone for longer, Google and Samsung have both vowed seven years of OS and security releases for their recent Pixel and Galaxy S models.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple will cut off updates after the five-year period. The company is known to sometimes provide security fixes for older devices that can’t run the latest software versions. It’s also unclear if Apple’s policy will remain unchanged for the iPhone 16 and other future models.

Even so, it’s worth considering the differences if you intend to keep your phone for a long time. While Apple will provide updates for more than long enough to cover a typical carrier contract or instalment plan, the extra two years from Google and Samsung might help you delay a hardware purchase that much longer.