Apple Enters Agreement with Shutterstock for AI Model Development

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple signed a deal with Shutterstock for up to $50 million to use its image library for AI training, enhancing its AI capabilities alongside other tech giants.
  • The partnership with Shutterstock, Curious AI, and WaveOne supports the development of multimodal AI, expanding Apple's AI features across its operating systems.
  • Apple's focus on AI, including personalized artificial voices and AI home robots, will be a highlight at the upcoming WWDC conference, showcasing its advancements in AI integration.

Apple follows its rivals in signing a deal with Shutterstock to train its AI models on its image database.

According to Reuters, Apple signed a licensing agreement with Shutterstock, a leading provider of stock images and media, to use their library to train its AI models. The deal, expected to cost Apple $50 million, was signed in late 2022.

The licensed images from Shutterstock will contribute to the evolution of multimodal AI, which can understand and generate various forms of media, including images, music, and videos.

In addition to Shutterstock, Apple has been procuring data from AI data firms like Curious AI and WaveOne. These firms license data to tech companies to train their AI models.

This agreement is part of Apple’s larger initiative to incorporate more AI technologies into its operating systems.

Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Greg Joswiak, has hinted that the upcoming WWDC conference will heavily focus on AI features added to iOS 18 and other Apple operating systems.

Apple’s AI Moves Amid Rivals’ Activity

Apple is not alone in this move. Reuters recently reported that other tech giants, such as Google, Meta, and Amazon, have taken similar actions, partnering with Shutterstock to enhance their visual AI capabilities.

Despite perceptions that it is lagging behind its competitors in AI integration, Apple has made several strides in this area, including the introduction of AI-powered features that enable users to create an artificial voice that sounds like them on the iPhone and the recent development of AI robots for home assistance.