Apple is Open to Using Google Gemini and Other AI Models on iOS

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple has said it's open to using Gemini and other AI models on iOS.
  • There's nothing to announce at present.
  • The company may end up giving users a choice of third-party AI models.

Apple wants iOS, iPadOS, and macOS users to have a choice of AI models that might include Google Gemini, according to the company’s senior software engineering VP Craig Federighi.

In a conversation with YouTuber Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine), Federighi said Apple wanted to let users “bring a model of their choice,” and that Gemini might be an option. There was “nothing to announce” at present, the executive added.

He noted that Apple went with OpenAI’s ChatGPT first because it wanted to “start with the best.”

Rumors had circulated that Apple was exploring a Google partnership that would integrate Gemini with iOS and other platforms, but that doesn’t appear to have panned out.

When iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia arrive later this year, they’ll mostly rely on the in-house AI model for Apple Intelligence. ChatGPT (and Gemini, if adopted) will provide an extra layer of functionality rather than taking over key tasks.

Federighi’s statements underscore the race to build more sophisticated AI into computing platforms.  Google hopes to weave Gemini deeper into Android and ChromeOS, while Microsoft has gone so far as to launch a Copilot+ PC program that touts Windows systems well-equipped to handle its GPT-based AI helper.

All three companies allow competing AI models to exist on their devices even as they develop their own. Apple, however, is unique in trying to fold both first- and third-party models into its OS. It’s not certain that Gemini will help if it’s made available, but iOS may stand out simply by giving users choices beyond third-party apps and launchers.