Apple to Debut TSMC’s 2nm Processors in iPhone 17 Pro

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Key Takeaways

  • TSMC is set to start production of its next-generation chips later this year, aiming for full delivery by 2025.
  • Apple is poised to utilize these advancements for the iPhone 17 Pro launch.
  • TSMC reported its highest monthly revenue gains since 2022, continuing its strong performance.

TSMC is making strides toward delivering 2-nanometer processors, and Apple might be the first recipient of its iPhone 17 Pro next year. 

A report has indicated the company is scheduled to enter the 2nm and A14 process generations as outlined in 2022. 

TSMC is the world leader in chip-making. It enjoys prestigious client status with Apple, Nvidia, and AMD.

The devastating 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan forced the company to temporarily suspend chip production last week, impacting the global tech supply chain.

However, the Taiwanese flag carrier is said to be set for small-scale production of the ‘N2’ 2nm processors late this year, with full, mass-scale delivery to be rolled out during 2025. 

Work is also gathering pace with 1.4nm semiconductors, with TSMC referring to that chip as the ‘A14’. Further progression is targeted with the development of an enhanced 2nm processor, known as N2P, but it is still some way off, with its arrival not expected until the end of 2026. 

The timeline points to gains for Apple with the 2nm chip powering its A19 processor in the upcoming iPhone 17 Pro, followed by a 2nm M4 chip in MacBook Pro and iMac devices.

TSMC has recorded its fastest monthly revenue growth since 2022 as it continues to benefit significantly from the boom in AI underpinned by its chips. 

March revenue scaled to 195.2 billion new Taiwanese dollars ($6.1 billion), representing a 34.3% year-on-year spike.