Apple to Revolutionize Siri with Major AI Upgrades in iOS 18

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple's iOS 18 will introduce major AI advancements, including a more conversational Siri with "proactive intelligence."
  • New features in iOS 18 include auto-summarizing notifications, transcribing voice memos, and AI-based photo editing.
  • Apple aims to close the AI gap with competitors, potentially shifting towards cloud-based services while maintaining its on-device data processing approach.

Apple is reportedly poised to launch iOS 18 with major advancements in artificial intelligence and Siri to its mobile operating system.

This latest update was contained in Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, where he stated that the tech giant is set to introduce a new generation of Siri, aiming to make it more conversational and helpful in everyday tasks.

In his words, Apple “will improve Siri’s voice capabilities, giving it a more conversational feel, and add features that help users with their day-to-day lives – an approach it calls “proactive intelligence.”

Alongside Siri’s revamp, iOS 18 is also rumored to feature new AI-enhanced services, such as auto-summarizing notifications and news articles and transcribing voice memos. The upcoming iOS 18 will also offer the ability to automatically suggest apps and populate calendars.

However, Gurman believes that not all improvements are expected to be groundbreaking on the rumored iOS. For instance, AI-based photo editing is coming to the Photos app, but it may not match the recent advancements from Adobe, Gurman claims.

Despite these advancements, Apple executives have reportedly acknowledged that they are “playing catch-up.” According to Gurman, Apple needs these AI improvements more than ever as it has played catch-up in the AI race with the likes of OpenAI and Google. These new features will help Apple close the gap with its competitors.

While Apple intends to maintain its reliance on its internal large language models to deliver AI features on mobile phones and computers as well as rely on its on-device approach to data processing, Gurman hints at a possible shift towards the cloud to enable Apple to push its cloud-facing services to a new level.

With Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) scheduled for June 10, the tech community is already on the edge to see what other surprises Apple has in store.