Apple’s Audio and Home Updates from WWDC: All You Need To Know

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple announced a slew of new Apple TV Plus features including Insight.
  • We also saw new Airpod gestures and voice isolation features.
  • Subtitles will also be smarter, appearing automatically when you mute the volume or skip backward.

Apple announced several upgrades to the current Apple TV and AirPods at WWDC

First, new AirPods gestures let you nod your head for yes or shake your head for no, great for when you can’t speak out loud — for example, to decline a call.

New voice isolation powered by computational audio lets you take better calls in windy or noisy conditions, blocking out background noise for improved call quality.

For Apple TV+, Apple announced a new InSight feature letting you swipe down on your remote to see actors and character names in real-time. You can even see the currently playing track and add it to your Apple Music Playlist. You can view InSights on your iPhone too when using it as a remote.

Subtitles will be smarter, appearing automatically when you skip back or mute the volume, and Apple’s Enhanced Dialog offers support for TV speakers and receivers, AirPods, and other Bluetooth devices, using machine learning for enhanced vocal clarity.

Apple TV will now support the 21:9 format for projectors, letting you view widescreen movies as the director intended. Apple has also added a new portraits gallery to screensavers so you can view your photos or choose moments from your favorite Apple TV shows. We even saw a new Snoopy and Woodstock animated screensaver.