Apple Unpacks macOS Sequoia at WWDC 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple unveils macOS Sequoia with iPhone mirroring and new cross-product apps at WWDC.
  • Features include revamped Maps and Calculator, a Keychain password app, and Continuity for seamless Apple integration.
  • New conference mode with easy tab switching and built-in backgrounds, with a developer beta available now.

Apple has unveiled macOS Sequoia at WWDC with iPhone mirroring and new cross-product apps.

Apple ditched the numerical naming scheme for the first time since Mavericks (OS X 10.9) and labeled the new OS Sequoia. The name is a tribute to California’s towering sequoia trees and a hint at the significant changes brewing under the hood.

The new Mac operating system will revamp apps like Maps and Calculator, which is expected to improve route planning and complex calculations.

Keychain App: All Passwords Stored in One App

Finally, Apple has unveiled its own password app that allows you to keep all the records in one place instead of using other third-party applications.

Keychain is expected to become a competitor for popular apps like 1Pass.

Continuity: Now Your Mac Can Mirror iPhone

Apple has unveiled Continuity, a new Mac app that allows you to use Apple products together. While you work on your Mac that mirrors your iPhone, the latter stays locked and saves energy.

iPhone mirroring on Mac | Source: WWDC livestream

New Conference Mode

A new conference mode allows you to switch between tabs easily. Moreover, Apple has added in-built backgrounds to replace your surroundings on the call.

The developer beta of macOS 15 is now available, allowing developers to tinker and app makers to get a head start optimizing their software for the new OS. Public betas will follow next month, allowing users to test the waters before the official release slated for fall.