Apple Unveils watchOS 11 with Advanced Health Features

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple announces watchOS 11 with major updates to training and health apps.
  • New training features include automatic adjustments based on age and weight, and pausing activity rings for recovery.
  • Introduces the Vital app to track key health metrics and alert users to changes.

Apple has announced the upcoming release of watchOS 11, which will include major updates to training and health apps.

watchOS updates | Source: WWDC livestream

Apple’s New Training Features

Apple added automatic adjustments to training programs depending on the owner’s age and weight.

Moreover, Apple added the ability to pause the activity rings if you need to recover or were injured. Daily calory goals can be adjusted day by day depending on your activity.

watchOS updates | Source: WWDC livestream

Apple’s Vital App

Apple has also added a new Vital app to track the most important health metrics and their stats. When the trend changes, Vital will warn the owner.

watchOS updates | Source: WWDC livestream

Customized Photo Faces

Enhanced by machine learning, the revamped Photos face can sift through thousands of photos in your library, smartly analyze them, and pick the best compositions, framing, and image quality for your watch. This feature lets you highlight the people, places, or things you cherish most.

You now have the flexibility to personalize the time size and layout, select your preferred font, experiment with vibrant colors and tricolor options, or create something uniquely yours. Additionally, there’s script support for multiple languages.

New Apple Watch Faces | Source: Apple