Apple Vision Pro Will Reportedly Reach Other Countries in July

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple is said to be launching the Vision Pro internationally in July.
  • UK stores may already be preparing for the debut.
  • Canada, Australia, and other countries might also get the headset soon.

The Apple Vision Pro will get an international launch in July, a MacRumors source claimed.

The mixed reality headset’s global debut is “likely” set for the third or fourth week of that month. Some UK Apple Stores are reportedly prepping for the launch with layout changes that could include couches for demo sessions.

Previous reports suggested the Vision Pro international release might take place soon after WWDC in mid-June, but hadn’t narrowed down a time frame. Canada, China, and the UK might lead the next wave. Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea could also get their wearables around the same time.

Apple released the Vision Pro in the US this February, but only committed to launches in other countries sometime later this year. While July might be relatively late, it would give the company a chance to preview the next version of the headset’s OS (possibly visionOS 2) and stoke interest.

Demand for the hardware is believed to have slowed in the US after the initial rush. The $3,499 starting price is widely considered the main obstacle, but there have also been concerns about weight, a modest app selection, battery life, and a complicated fitting process.

An international launch might not lead to a large surge in sales. It might satisfy pent-up demand in those countries, though, and could improve the app catalog by bringing in developers who couldn’t even touch the hardware.