Apple Will Reportedly Sell the Vision Pro Outside of the US Soon After WWDC

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple will reportedly sell the Vision Pro in other countries after WWDC in June.
  • Staff from Australia, Asia, and Europe are said to be training for the launch.
  • The move should help increase sales of the mixed reality headset.

Apple is gearing up to launch the Vision Pro in other countries soon after WWDC begins on June 10th, according to Bloomberg sources.

The company has reportedly begun training sessions for “hundreds” of international retail workers who will sell the mixed reality headset. Store staff from Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are believed to be attending the training.

It’s not clear if those are the only countries that will sell the Vision Pro when Apple expands sales. Canada and the UK are prime targets for expansion, for example. Apple has only officially promised wider availability later this year.

Apple launched the Vision Pro in the U.S. on February 2nd. There was strong initial demand, and analysts estimated sales of 350,000 during the first year. Demand appeared to have tapered off in the following weeks, though. Bloomberg claimed that purchases at some stores dropped from two per day to just a few in an entire week.

The performance isn’t necessarily falling short of expectations, but the Vision Pro’s $3,499 starting price, relatively small app selection, and complex fitting process (including light seals and prescription lens attachments) haven’t helped. Some key features have also been slow in coming, such as recently launched spatial Personas that help with virtual collaboration.

Expanding to additional countries should improve Vision Pro sales and may help rekindle interest in the wearable. Just how well it fares isn’t clear, though. On top of the known challenges, there are questions as to whether or not Apple will reveal a substantial VisionOS 2.0 upgrade at WWDC. Mainstream adoption might not occur in earnest until a more affordable and accessible headset arrives.