Apple’s new iPad Air M2 includes a 13-inch model

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Key Takeaways

  • Apple introduced a 13-inch iPad Air at the "Let Loose" event on May 7.
  • It marks the first expansion of the iPad Air series into two sizes.
  • The new iPad Air is equipped with an M2 chip.

During the “Let Loose” event on May 7, Apple revealed a new 13-inch model, expanding the iPad Air series for the first time with two distinct sizes.

The company last unveiled a new ‌iPad Air‌ in March 2022, so the upgrade was much anticipated.

Apple's new iPad Air M2 features | Source: Apple
Apple’s new iPad Air M2 features | Source: Apple

iPad Air now comes in two sizes, 11” and 13”. The pricing is from $599 and $799, respectively. They are already available on the Apple website and will be in stores starting next week.

The storage size starts at 128GB, twice the size of the Air 2022. Moreover, the size of storage options for Air is expanded to 1TB.

The new iPad Air features a high-quality LCD panel with an Oxide backplane similar to the mini-LED display in the larger iPad Pro. However, it does not include an OLED display.

As for color options, the new iPad Air maintains the color choices of Space Gray and Starlight, adding blue and purple.

iPad Air colors | Source: Apple
iPad Air colors | Source: Apple

The new iPad Air is now powered by the Apple M2 chip, which is less powerful than the M3 chip used in the latest iPad Pro models.

Despite not reaching the newer M3 chip of the iPad Pro, the M2 chip equipped in the iPad Air is still robust and capable of handling extensive workloads, AI, and advanced gaming.

The new iPad Air has a single rear 12MP camera lens and a front-facing 12MP camera. Moreover, new features include a redesigned front camera placement. It is now positioned at the top in landscape orientation to align better with how users typically use the device, especially during video calls.

This adjustment aims to optimize the camera’s position for activities like FaceTime, providing a more natural angle when the device is used with accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Pencil.