Apple’s Octane Mention Triggers 11% Surge in Render Price

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Key Takeaways

  • Render Token surged 11% after Apple mentioned Octane software, now trading at $11.24 with a 40% increase in seven days.
  • Apple's highlight of Octane's performance on the new iPad has boosted RNDR.
  • Render Network's partnerships with firms like Endeavour and Stability AI also enhance RNDR's value.

Render Token (RNDR) price surged by 11% following Apple’s brief mention of Octane, a 3D design software powered by the Render Network.

This mention occurred during Apple’s iPad Pro presentation featuring its M4 chip on May 7.

Render Price Records 7% Gains in 24 Hours

Following the May 7 announcement, RNDR experienced an 11% price spike, contributing to a 40% increase over the past seven days.

At press time, the token is trading at $11.24, reflecting a fresh 7.04% gain in the past 24 hours compared to recent price fluctuations in Bitcoin.

Render Token trades at $11.26
Render Token trades at $11.26 | Source: CoinMarketCap

Apple’s VP of platform architecture had briefly mentioned Octane’s superior performance on the new iPad. The shoutout seems to have impacted the Render token in the crypto market.

Millet noted that “Pro rendering apps like Octane will flat-out fly,” highlighting the software’s performance on the new iPad, positioning the Render Network as a prominent player in the rendering software market. This mention has sparked excitement among investors, including notable crypto analysts, about the future potential of the RNDR token.

Analysts predict further growth for the Render token due to its ecosystem value proposition. Render Network is a decentralized platform that connects artists needing powerful computing with spare capacity GPU owners. This model creates a new revenue stream for GPU owners and disrupts the traditional rendering software market.

Additionally, Render Network aims to establish a platform for artists and developers to create services and applications for the future digital economy. This includes areas such as next-generation digital rights management (DRM), artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual assets (non-fungible tokens).

Render’s Recent Partnerships

Render Network has established successful partnerships with industry leaders such as Endeavour, Stability AI, and OTOY, aiming to reshape 3D, VFX, and media production workflows and the overall future of AI in entertainment.

These collaborations will improve AI training and inference capabilities while ensuring cost-effectiveness through the Render Network’s decentralized GPU network. This initiative represents a major advancement in making generative AI technology more accessible and impactful in media production.