‘Arcane’ Season 2 Premieres on Netflix This November

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Netflix has confirmed that season 2 of Arcane, its League of Legends animated series, will debut this November.

This last instalment of the show has game champions Jinx and Vi going down “completely different paths” as the wealthy Piltover and oppressed Zaun square off. As the teaser trailer (below) makes clear, things are becoming intense between the sisters, with more at stake.

Co-creator Christian Linke emphasized that there was always a “specific ending” planned for Arcane, and that season 2 was meant to wind things down. At the same time, he stressed that this was only the start of the content planned for the League of Legends universe.

Arcane premiered in November 2021. The collaboration between LoL developer Riot Games and animation studio Fortiche (previously known for its music videos) quickly proved successful. Critics have attributed this to the combination of an in-depth plot, top-tier actors (including Hailee Steinfeld and Fallout‘s Ella Purnell) and a distinctive CG animation style.

The show was Netflix’s highest-rated series within days of its premiere, and quickly locked in its renewal.

The strategy behind the series is no mystery, as with other game-based shows. Arcane season 2 could help Riot draw more attention to League of Legends, particularly from newcomers or lapsed players. You might be more likely to hop into the well-known MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) if you have an emotional investment in the characters.