ASUS Unveils AI-Driven ProArt and Zenbook Models at Computex 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • ASUS unveiled AI-driven ProArt and Zenbook S16 models at Computex 2024, focusing on enhancing performance and creativity.
  • The ProArt lineup includes 16-inch P16, 13-inch PX13 Convertible, and 13-inch PZ13 Detachable, all designed for portability and power.
  • The Zenbook S 16 is an ultraportable laptop with advanced cooling, security features, and a 3K display.

ASUS unveiled new AI-driven ProArt and Zenbook models at Computex 2024. These models feature advanced AI capabilities designed to enhance users’ performance and creativity.

During the Always Incredible virtual event at Computex 2024, ASUS focused on the Copilot+ PC models that were initially teased by Microsoft in late May.

As the Vivobook S details emerged back then, let’s focus on ASUS ProArt and Zenbook S16.

ASUS ProArt: Portability and Power for Creators

ASUS has launched three new ProArt laptops designed for creators.

These laptops offer a balance of portability and power in different form factors. The new lineup includes the 16-inch ProArt P16 Clamshell, the 13-inch ProArt PX13 Convertible, and the 13-inch ProArt PZ13 Detachable. These models feature lightweight designs, making them suitable for various environments.

The ProArt P16 is a 16-inch laptop with the AMD Ryzen™ AI 9 HX 370 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 Laptop GPU, providing up to 321 TOPS of AI performance. The enhanced GPU speed GPU provides creatives with RTX AI acceleration in top 2D, 3D, video editing, and streaming. The laptop weighs 1.85 kg and is 14.9 mm thick.

The 13-inch ProArt PX13 convertible has a 360° hinge for versatility and weighs 1.38 kg. This model can be used in laptops, tents, stands, or tablets. Powered by the AMD Ryzen™ AI 9 HX 370 processor, it has 3K ASUS Lumina OLED display and advanced AI capabilities.

The ProArt PZ13 detachable, powered by the AI-enabled Snapdragon® X series platform, weighs only 0.85 kg. It is positioned as an ultracompact and ultraportable laptop. This model will be available in Q3 2024. 

All ProArt laptops come with ASUS-exclusive creative tools such as the ASUS DialPad, AI-powered StoryCube, MuseTree apps, and the ProArt Creator Hub control center, aimed at enhancing creative workflows.

Zenbook S 16: Blending Design and Technology

The ASUS Zenbook S 16 (UM5606) is a 16-inch ultraportable laptop that is only 1.1 cm thin. It features the AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 processor and a Ceraluminum™ lid cover, a new material combining ceramic aesthetics with aluminum durability.

The Zenbook S 16 includes a 3D vapor-chamber cooling system, a 78 Wh battery, and a variety of I/O ports for connectivity. The 16-inch 3K display with a 120 Hz refresh rate provides clear visuals, while the six-speaker sound system offers quality audio.

For security, the Zenbook S 16 has the Microsoft Pluton security processor and an FHD AiSense IR camera with Windows Hello, Adaptive Lock and Dimming, and Windows passkeys.

Pricing and Availability

The new ProArt and Zenbook models are available for pre-order. The Zenbook S 16 starts at $1,399.

The ProArt PX13 Convertible starts at $1,699, and the ProArt P16 Clamshell at $1,899. Each ProArt laptop includes a three-month Adobe Creative Suite subscription and a six-month CapCut Pro subscription.