‘Batman: Arkham Shadow’ is a Meta Quest 3 Exclusive Game

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A new game is finally coming in the Batman: Arkham series, but you’ll need a Meta headset to play it.

Iron Man VR developer Camouflaj is working with Oculus Studios and Warner Bros. on Batman: Arkham Shadow, a virtual reality game exclusive to the Meta Quest 3. It’s expected to launch sometime in late 2024 and will get a larger premiere at Summer Games Fest on June 7th.

Few details are available, but the game will unsurprisingly require you to save Gotham City. The title will be playable sitting, standing, or as a walk-around roomscale experience.

The title is the first in the Batman: Arkham series since 2016’s Underworld and VR games. This year’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is related, but ultimately a very different project.

The announcement might be disappointing for fans hoping for a Batman: Arkham sequel from the original producers at Rocksteady.  The Quest 3 exclusivity also limits the potential audience; you won’t be playing this on headsets like the PlayStation VR2 or Vision Pro, let alone a conventional console or PC.

However, the exclusive may still be a victory for Meta. It’s getting the sequel to a well-known game franchise right as VR competition is heating up. While people are unlikely to buy a Vision Pro for gaming, Batman: Arkham Shadow might convince some buyers to choose Quest headsets if gaming is a factor in their purchase.