Beats Solo 4: Major Headphones Update Could Hit Shelves by April End

Key Takeaways

  • Beats Solo 4 listed by US regulator, suggesting release is imminent
  • Similar design to Solo 3 expected in three colorways
  • $249-$299 pricepoint mooted for Beats Solo 4.

Beats is confirmed to release Solo 4 in black, blue, and pink in April. USB-C will also be a new addition to Beats Solo 4.

In early 2024, the iOS 17.4 beta revealed images of Beats Solo 4 headphones, suggesting a new release was on the horizon.

Now, it appears imminent with a listing on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.

The new drop from Beats will be the first release in the Solo range in eight years. The files inside iOS 17.4 depict headsets available in black, blue, and pink.

As for what they will look like, the brand-new Beats Solo 4 is set to be an upgrade on the design of the Solo 3 edition.

There is no official indication yet of when the headphones will hit the market. Still, with the FCC database listing, they could be available by the end of April, if not soon after.

A new addition to Beats Solo 4 will be the arrival of USB-C charging rather than micro-USB. The headsets will be equipped to support spatial audio, and the earcups will have in-built volume controls.

Beats Solo 3 vs. 4

Almost a decade has passed since the rollout of Beats Solo 3, so customers should expect to feel the impact of inflation on the cost of the new hardware and a marked difference in the quality of the product.

Beats Solo 3 went on sale at around $199, while Beats Studio Pro (released last year) is generally $249, so there is likely to be a markup on those precedents.

It could be a price point as high as $299 for Beats Solo 4, but hopefully, a more competitive retail cost will emerge.