Bleach: Brave Souls Expands to Nintendo Switch and Xbox

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Key Takeaways

  • "Bleach: Brave Souls" will be available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles this summer.
  • The game, supporting multiple languages, has achieved 90 million downloads since its 2015 release.
  • KLab's strategy includes an Achievements system for players and a special event featuring new characters Masaki and Isshin from May 31 to June 15.

Online mobile game developer KLab has announced that its popular 3D action game, “Bleach: Brave Souls,” will be available on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles this summer. 

This expansion comes in addition to the game’s existing presence on smartphones, PC, and PlayStation.

“Bleach: Brave Souls” supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, French, and Traditional Chinese, and will allow a broader global audience to enjoy the game via the Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store.

Initially released in 2015, “Bleach: Brave Souls” is based on the beloved manga and anime series BLEACH. The game has amassed 90 million downloads worldwide and has captured fans with its dynamic 3D-action gameplay.

KLab’s strategy to broaden its platform availability reflects its commitment to reaching a wider audience through a multi-purpose content approach. An approach is not dissimilar to the one recently unveiled by Square Enix.

Now, Bleach: Brave Souls’ upcoming Xbox release will support Xbox One and include backward compatibility for Xbox Series X|S.

Additionally, KLab revealed it is introducing an Achievements system, enabling players to earn points by completing challenges. These points can unlock permanent bonuses designed to enhance the gameplay experience.

In celebration of the game’s expansion, new characters, Masaki and Isshin, will be featured in the Thousand-Year Blood War Zenith Summons: Gravitation event from May 31 to June 15.

The video below explains that players can earn these new characters through a step-based system.

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