Boden Price Analysis: Jeo Boden Climbing Again As Solana Meme Coins Rebound From Congestion

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Solana meme coin markets are rebounding from a weekend of heavy congestion, and now Jeo Boden (BODEN) is climbing once again – explore BODEN price analysis, and discover whether Jeo is heading for a new all-time high.

This article will provide an analysis of BODEN’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative new dogcoin, DOGE20, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

Jeo Boden’s upside movement has been fuelled by the wider bullish sentiment surrounding 2024 Presidential Election-themed crypto coins, which have enjoyed a strong performance ahead of the major catalyst event later this year.

This also comes after the Solana network was hit with heavy congestion over the weekend, in a classic Solana outage that briefly dented Solana meme coin markets.

BODEN Price Analysis: Presidential Tokens Lead Recovery in Solana Meme Coins

As price action continues to push to the upside, BODEN is currently trading at a market price of $0.79 (representing a 24-hour change of +7.25%).

BODEN price analysis reveals that the current upside move comes on the tail-end of a well-defended consolidation move.

Consolidation was triggered by a -40% retracement move from the recent all-time high at $0.98 on April 5.

BODEN Price Analysis: As Solana Meme Coin markets recover from weekend of heavy congestion, Jeo Boden is climbing once again - explore here.


With price action now targeting a break above $1, all eyes are on BODEN’s volume – currently at $5.96m (over the past 24 hours) – for signs of an emerging breakout.

This comes as Jeo Boden’s market cap stands at a titanic $546m, suggesting the Biden-inspired token could be on the brink of a 3x move to target top Solana meme coin status.

Indeed, the order book suggests that optimism for an upside move is growing, with buy-pressure at 83% of transactions over the past 6 hours.

However, while JEO BODEN price analysis reveals a bullish image, the high market cap offers a less and less alluring risk: reward ratio to retail investors, and this is fuelling interest in other opportunities in the meme coin market.

Discover: Dogecoin20 Presale Goes Viral – Hits $10m Raised Ahead of CEX Listing on April 20

BODEN Price Analysis: As Solana Meme Coin markets recover from weekend of heavy congestion, Jeo Boden is climbing once again - explore here.

Jumping cross-chain to the ERC-20 meme coin sector, a new Dogecoin alternative, named Dogecoin20 (DOGE20), has gained impressive viral traction in the crypto community.

With the double-barrelled offering of Dogecoin family status and the seismic opportunity of a DOGE day launch, the excitement is palpable after DOGE20 surged to $10m raised in a viral meme coin presale.

Now heading for its first major coin listing on an unnamed tier-1 CEX, market anticipation for the project is high.

The initial launch of DOGE20 trading is set for April 20, a very special day for the crypto community.

On April 20, crypto markets will celebrate the Bitcoin Halving event, which will reduce miner’s block rewards by 50%.

However, this year, International DOGE Day also lands on April 20; creating the perfect high-octane market day to launch an already proven viral meme coin.

The Bottom Line: Meme Coin Markets Don’t Skip a Beat

Overall, with meme coin markets in high spirits in the April market, many opportunities abound for new and old retail investors.

From Solana meme coin pumps such as the BODEN price pump, to emerging presale opportunities in ERC-20 like Dogecoin20, as the 2024 bull market unfolds – stay tuned.