Civilization and XCOM Developers Target Next-Gen Life Sims

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Key Takeaways

  • Midsummer Studios, launched by industry veterans from Firaxis Games, is developing a next-generation life simulation game.
  • The studio, led by Jake Solomon and supported by notable talents like Grant Rodiek and Will Miller, focuses on creating deep, personal storytelling experiences.
  • With a successful $6 million seed funding round, Midsummer Studios is set to compete in the life sim market against major titles like The Sims and Stardew Valley.

Midsummer Studios, a new game development studio announced today, aims to breathe new life into the Life Sim genre with its debut project. 

Founded by industry veterans Jake Solomon and Will Miller, formerly of Firaxis Games (known for XCOM and Civilization: Beyond Earth), Midsummer Studios is set to create a next-generation life simulation game focusing on player-driven narratives.

The players write the best game stories, commented Jake Solomon, CEO and Creative Director.

“At Midsummer, we’re making a life sim focused on the drama of modern life, where our players will write meaningful stories just by playing and then share those stories with the world.”

Solomon brings his experience directing Marvel’s Midnight Suns to this ambitious new project.

Joining Solomon is Miller, who served as Lead Engineer on Marvel’s Midnight Suns and worked on Civilization: Beyond Earth. Another key figure is Grant Rodiek, formerly of EA and Maxis, known for his work on The Sims. Rodiek will be the executive producer, ensuring the new game captures the essence of player creativity and storytelling.

Nelsie Birch, serving as COO and CFO, brings high-profile financial and operational expertise to the studio, ensuring a solid foundation for Midsummer’s growth. The studio has successfully raised $6 million in seed funding, led by Transcend and supported by other notable investors such as Tirta Ventures, Betaworks Ventures, and Krafton.

“The Midsummer founders are industry veterans with the rare experience and design artistry required to deliver against this massive opportunity,” said Shanti Bergel, Founding Partner at Transcend and former Producer on The Sims.

The new venture enters a competitive market, facing established titles such as EA’s The Sims 4 and indie hits like Stardew Valley.