Claude AI Expands to Europe with New Features and Subscription Options

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Key Takeaways

  • Amazon-backed company brings Claude to the European bloc, following rollout in US and UK.
  • The AI assistant comes in three levels, including a subscription-based business offering.
  • Anthropic has already smashed through an $18b valuation level, as it continues to rise.

Following its launch in the U.S. earlier this year, Anthropic will launch its AI chatbot Claude in Europe. 

The Amazon-backed AI startup has had to overcome safety and privacy hurdles to meet European Union requirements after the bloc was the first jurisdiction to introduce major regulations for checks and balances on the rapidly evolving tech.

A subscription-based version of Anthropic’s Claude assistant, Claude Pro, is available to users who want access to the full model range. It includes Claude 3 Opus, Anthropic’s most advanced feature.

It will be complemented by Claude Team, a subscription plan for business users that costs €28 ($30) per month before VAT.

In an official blog post, the company stated, “We’re excited to announce that Claude, Anthropic’s trusted AI assistant, is now available for people and businesses across Europe to enhance their productivity and creativity.”

The San Francisco-based AI firm has set out the full-service offering in Europe, including how you can use the program free of charge:

  • the web-based version of our next-generation AI assistant.
  • The Claude iOS app: a free version of Claude that offers the same intuitive experience as mobile web.
  • The Claude Team plan: the best way for every business to provide teams with secure access to Claude’s state-of-the-art AI capabilities and the Claude 3 model family. is already free to use on both web and mobile in the UK. Still, this latest expansion in Europe marks the first availability for users across the EU, as well as other countries such as Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland.

Anthropic has confirmed that Claude is highly proficient in several European languages, such as French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

It is seen as a serious player in the AI space, and there is a lot of hype surrounding its rise. Investors valued the company at a massive $18.4 billion earlier this year in March.

At the same time, Amazon injected a further $2.75 billion into Anthropic to take its total investment to the $4 billion mark. Other backers of the startup include Google and Salesforce.