Comcast will bundle Apple TV+, Netflix, and Peacock at a Discount

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Key Takeaways

  • Comcast has confirmed that it will bundle Apple TV+, Netflix, and Peacock.
  • The StreamSaver bundle will be available to all customers at a discount.
  • The move counters Disney's Warner Bros. Discovery bundle.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts has revealed that the telecom giant will bundle Apple TV+, Netflix, and the company’s own Peacock service with a steep discount.

Roberts didn’t outline pricing, but said the new StreamSaver bundle would be available to all Comcast internet, TV, and Xfinity Mobile subscribers. The plan is to not just bring value to the company’s services, but “take dollars out” of others’ streaming businesses, according to the executive.

StreamSaver is effectively a counter to Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery announcing a Disney+, Hulu, and Max offer arriving this summer. You may be more likely to stick to Comcast knowing that you can get three of the largest streaming services for considerably less than it would cost to get them separately with another cable or broadband provider.

Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Fox are also planning to launch a sports streaming mega-service in the fall that would provide extensive coverage of major leagues.

The bundle helps Comcast hedge against industry trends and the risks of its own strategy. Cord cutting (that is, dropping conventional TV) is still on the rise, and the three-service pack could keep customers attached to at least one service even if cable TV isn’t one of them.

The firm is also hiking the prices of Peacock Premium by $2 ($8 with ads, $14 without) starting July 18th. This could potentially sour customers, but a bundle could offset that pain by providing a greater overall value. Customers may be more likely to stay subscribed if they can get two extra services for not much more.

StreamSaver could lock many customers into Comcast. At the same time, it could be helpful if you know you’re likely to sign up for multiple services. You could watch Baby ReindeerMasters of the Air, and The Office for a relatively affordable amount.