Comcast’s Apple TV+, Netflix, and Peacock Bundle Costs $15 Per Month

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As promised, Comcast has introduced its Xfinity StreamSaver bundle for internet and TV subscribers — and it’s inexpensive at $15 per month.

The deal combines Apple TV+ with ad-supported Netflix Standard and Peacock Premium. The cable provider estimated that you’d save more than 30% versus , or close to $100 per year. You can also pay $30 per month for a plan that adds NOW TV’s roughly 40 streaming channels, including AMC and History Channel.

The StreamSaver bundle will be available next week for Xfinity subscribers across the country. You can still use the bundle if you already have a subscription to at least one of the services.

This came before Peacock was set to raise Premium prices by $2 on July 18th. There’s also no option to lose ads, so you’ll have to subscribe separately to avoid interruptions.

There’s no secret to the strategy. StreamSaver is a significant bargain, but it also locks you in to Comcast service if you want to keep the discount.

It’s also a direct counter to the Disney+, Hulu, and Max bundle coming this summer. While that pricing isn’t available, the goal for both is to entice customers who are shying away from conventional cable. This could keep people as landline subscribers even if they’ve otherwise dropped conventional TV.

The concern, of course, is that Comcast, Disney, and others are effectively recreating the classic cable bundle, where customers paid for services they didn’t really want to get a better deal. You’re not required to get Xfinity StreamSaver, but you may feel compelled to sign up regardless.