Delta Nintendo Emulator for iPad Nears Release: What Are Its Features?

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Key Takeaways

  • Riley Testut is set to expand his Nintendo emulator Delta to iPads.
  • With a focus shift caused by Apple's rule changes, the upcoming Delta version 1.6 will feature iPad compatibility.
  • New features include adding device-to-device multiplayer.

Delta, the Nintendo emulator developed by Riley Testut, will soon debut on iPad.

Testut, the brains behind this emulation software, recently confirmed the news on Threads, eliciting excitement and anticipation from fans.

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Testut assured followers that the project is nearing completion after extensive development efforts.

Initially, the team did not prioritize iPad compatibility as they planned to launch solely in the EU with AltStore PAL, a platform that does not support iPad. However, recent shifts in Apple’s regulations have prompted a change in strategy.

The post reads, “We didn’t prioritize iPad because the plan was to launch in the EU with AltStore PAL. Plans changed when Apple changed their rules, so we’re prioritizing iPad now.”

With Apple’s rule adjustments, Testut and the Delta team said they plan to roll out the emulator with the next major Delta update, version 1.6.

Moreover, Testut’s mention of device-to-device multiplayer functionality in the pipeline hints at Delta’s even more significant potential. This innovative feature will allow players to connect and play with each other on different devices, adding a new dimension to the classic Nintendo gaming experience.

While this feature may take some time to materialize, its inclusion underscores the Delta team’s commitment to continually enhancing the user experience and introducing innovative features.

For eager players, access to Delta on iPadOS is already available for Patrons through regular AltStore.

Notably, Delta debuted on the App Store a few weeks ago. It has since maintained its position as the number one app in the Entertainment section — a testament to its popularity and the enduring appeal of classic Nintendo gaming experiences on modern platforms.

This achievement further underscores the anticipation surrounding Delta’s expansion to iPadOS and the excitement among fans eager to explore its features on new devices.