‘Destiny 2’ Will Continue With ‘Frontiers’ in 2025

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Bungie has revealed that Destiny 2 will carry on in 2025 with a project codenamed  “Frontiers,” even though the main saga has come to a close.

It’s not known just what story “Frontiers” will involve, although it’s not necessarily one of the yearly expansions we’ve seen so far. However, this suggests Destiny 3 isn’t arriving in the near future.

In the meantime, Bungie plans to tell the immediate aftermath of The Final Shape, the conclusion of the light and darkness story begun with the original Destiny. The fight with The Witness will have created “echoes” that manifest throughout the year.

The first echo arrives this week on Nessus and is expected to change both the world and its Vex occupants. Revenant comes later in 2024 and has players taking on rogue Fallen by serving as vampire hunters with combat potions. The last section, Heresy, covers the altered Hive and their dreadnought.

The continuation of Destiny 2 in “Frontiers” isn’t surprising. Bungie has turned some of its attention to its multiplayer Marathon reboot, but D2 remains its main source of income. This keeps a core business thriving as the developer explores new game concepts.