Dubai’s Major Crypto Conferences Disrupted by Flood of the Century

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Key Takeaways

  • Unprecedented rainfall in Dubai on April 16 disrupted major crypto events Blockchain Life and Token2049.
  • Emirates Airlines suspended check-in operations and Fly Dubai halted flights due to the severe weather.
  • Despite the flooding and logistical challenges, Blockchain Life and Token2049 resumed on April 17.

Crypto events in Dubai, including Blockchain Life and Token2049, faced major disruptions on April 16 due to unprecedented rainfall.

The downpour caused widespread disturbances throughout the city, highlighted in numerous social media videos depicting the challenges faced by attendees trying to reach the venues.

The amount of water in Dubai hit record levels, altering the day’s plans and leading to the delay of Blockchain Life’s opening.

In the meantime, Token2049 events were canceled on April 16 as the conference hall was flooded. The event reopened on April 17.

The severe weather caused significant logistical issues, prompting Emirates Airlines to pause all check-in services for flights departing from Dubai from the morning of April 17 until midnight. Additionally, budget airline Fly Dubai ceased all departures until mid-morning of the same day.

The government reacted to the severe weather by issuing a red alert, leading to nationwide shutdown of schools, offices, and banks on April 16. Authorities urged the public to stay indoors and to secure their vehicles in elevated areas to avoid the floods, reflecting the seriousness of the storm’s impact on the city’s infrastructure.