Fitbit Ace LTE is a Google-Powered Smartwatch for Kids

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Key Takeaways

  • Google has launched the Fitbit Ace LTE smartwatch for kids.
  • It's based on Wear OS, but includes games that encourage active play and doesn't offer third-party apps.
  • It ships June 5th for $230 with LTE access costing $10 per month.

Google has unveiled the Fitbit Ace LTE, a smartwatch for kids that runs on Wear OS but includes activity and safety features meant for the younger crowd.

The wristwear includes 3D games that extend play time the more kids move. Cute “Eejie” creatures also give children more customization options as they complete activities and games. The device even rewards physicality with an activity “noodle” on the watch face that grows longer throughout the day.

Six collectible bands for the smartwatch give kids new noodles, styles, and items when they’re attached for the first time.

As with many other child-focused smartwatches, the Fitbit Ace LTE lets parents call, send messages (both text and voice), and track their young ones’ locations in real-time. Kids can only communicate with trusted contacts, and a School Time setting cuts down on distractions. Tap-to-pay will be an option in a “couple of months” to access pre-approved money.

Fitbit Ace LTE bands

While it’s based on Wear OS, the new Fitbit model isn’t a Pixel Watch 2 or a similar smartwatch with the open-ended functionality that entails. There are no third-party apps or ads, and Google deletes both location and activity data after 24 hours and 35 days respectively. Google has also built custom movement algorithms said to be better at tracking kids’ specific activity patterns.

The device has an estimated 16 hours of battery life with 50-meter water resistance, dustproofing, and an included bumper case to protect the Gorilla Glass 3 screen against scratches.

Google is taking pre-orders for the Fitbit Ace LTE now through its own store and Amazon at $230, with extra bands costing $35 each. Everything ships on June 5th. To use the LTE data and games access, though, you’ll need a $10 per month Fitbit Ace Pass ($120 per year). Parents can use both iPhones and Android phones.

The launch could shake up the market. Until now, many smartwatch models for kids were either niche-brand models with more limited capabilities or were adult watches that required extensive software controls. You can set up an Apple Watch for a child with app limitations and a SchoolTime mode, for instance, but it’s not really designed for younger wearers. The Fitbit Ace LTE theoretically strikes a better balance between capability and responsibility.