Formula 1 Fans Fall Prey to Phishing Scam at Belgian Grand Prix

Key Takeaways

  • The Belgian Grand Prix's official website was hacked, launching a phishing scam that targeted fans with a fake €50 gift voucher.
  • Organizers issued warnings and advised affected customers to take security measures.
  • This event underscores the rising trend of cyberattacks on Formula 1.

In a recent cybersecurity incident, the Belgian Grand Prix’s official website was the target of a cyberattack.

The breach, which occurred on March 17, saw hackers infiltrate the site’s email system and launch a phishing campaign targeting Formula 1 enthusiasts.

According to Bleeping Computer, the attackers exploited fans’ anticipation for the upcoming race at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Hackers sent out a fraudulent €50 gift voucher to those looking to purchase tickets.

The email contained a link that led to a malicious site that looked like the organizer’s website, where unsuspecting fans who clicked on the link had their personal and payment information captured.

Race organizers quickly responded, issuing warnings to customers within hours of detecting the phishing attempts.

However, for many, the warning came too late. The organization says it has lodged a formal complaint with the Belgian cyber police, and plans are underway to pursue a civil claim.

Customers who purchased tickets are urged to contact SPA GP’s secretariat for assistance. They are also advised to take proactive measures such as changing passwords and monitoring accounts for suspicious activity.

Formula 1 Cyber Attacks

This incident is not an isolated case but part of a growing trend of cyberattacks on Formula 1.

In 2022, there were reports of a massive cybersecurity attack by an Indian hacking group, WhiteInt, on Formula 1 teams.

In the same year, Ferrari was hit with a malware attack that had their data set manuals and other documents stolen.