Futuristic Payments Now a Reality: Amazon One’s Palm-Scanning Tech

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon introduces Amazon One app for contactless palm payments, expanding accessibility and convenience.
  • The app uses generative AI for versatile functions like payments and secure entry, enhancing user experiences.
  • Amazon ensures privacy and security for Amazon One users with encrypted palm data stored in the AWS cloud.

Amazon has confirmed the launch of an app for Amazon One, the tech giant’s new contactless palm-scanning method for payment.

By holding a hand over a compatible device, customers can utilize the service and enjoy a quicker transaction when purchasing at an extensive range of partner stores and third-party retailers.

Previously, a visit to a physical store was required to start with Amazon One, first launched in September 2020. Still, now users can sign up from almost anywhere using the App Store or Google Play to access the Amazon One app.

What Can Amazon One Be Used For?

Using generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the learning models trained using synthetic palm images. They matched a camera phone image to the near-infrared capture from the Amazon One device.

The service can be used for payment, entry, age verification, and loyalty rewards. It adds efficiency for those who desire a seamless checkout interface.

Once logged in to an Amazon account, users can use the Amazon One app to create a profile, take a photo of their palm, and add a payment method.

Amazon One Privacy Concerns

Faster queueing times, ease of payment, and convenience are great for consumers and retailers alike, but is there a trade-off? What about privacy and security concerns about how personal data is used and processed?

Palm images used on the Amazon One App are protected by encryption and held on a secure Amazon One domain in the AWS cloud.

The tech giant insists their safeguards for privacy and security mean the images cannot be downloaded or saved on a smartphone. Meanwhile, the Amazon One app contains layers of additional protection.