Gmail Will Use Gemini AI to Answer Questions and Write Smarter Replies

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Key Takeaways

  • Google has introduced new AI-powered Gmail features at I/O 2024, including email summarization, enhanced question answering, and more contextual smart replies.
  • Gmail's AI can summarize entire email threads, provide comparisons of similar content like multiple quotes, and offer more nuanced responses to complex inquiries.
  • The new features, set to roll out starting this month as Labs experiments, aim to save users time by efficiently managing large volumes of email with AI assistance.

Google has previewed a trio of AI-powered Gmail features that will use Gemini to take care of more reading — and writing.

The company used an I/O 2024 presentation to outline not just a previously-mentioned email summary feature, but the ability to answer questions and produce more than basic smart replies.

Gmail can use AI to summarize whole conversation threads and compare available options. If you get a roofing quote, you can quickly find it and check other quotes that you’ve obtained in separate email chains.

The mail client’s upgraded smart replies understand the greater context and can produce a mix of detailed answers. In that roofing example, you could accept the offer or decline it.

Gmail will get the AI summary feature later this month as a Labs experiment. Question and answer features, as well as the upgraded replies, will come this July. They should be available to both home and Workspace users.

The tech is modest compared to Project Astra and other introductions at I/O. It may be one of the most practical, though, as it could save valuable time sifting through large inboxes and creating meaningful replies. You may not have to spend extra time reading or writing until you genuinely want a personalized response.