Google ‘Ask Photos’ Will Use AI to Help Find Relevant Snapshots

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Key Takeaways

  • Google Photos is adding an Ask Photos feature that uses AI to find pictures.
  • You can ask questions that help you find familiar people and items, and even create summaries.
  • Ask Photos arrives this summer.

Google Photos will get an Ask Photos feature that uses Gemini AI to help you find images.

Speaking at I/O 2024, CEO Sundar Pichai outlined Ask Photos’ conversational interface. It can not only track down familiar people and objects, but understand relationships between multiple pictures.

If you ask what your license plate number is, for instance, Google will recognize which plate is likely to be yours and share it. You can ask when your child learned to swim, and even get a photo collection that illustrates how that swimming progressed.

Ask Photos will be available to Google users this summer.

The technology isn’t a large stretch from what Gemini can already do. However, it does illustrate how modern generative AI can serve a practical role.

Rather than tagging individual photos or relying on basic object recognition, you can ask natural questions that save you from sifting through years of pictures. It won’t be surprising if technology like this is used to manage large media libraries of many kinds, no matter the platform.