Google Establishes Asia-Pacific Cybersecurity Hub in Tokyo

Key Takeaways

  • Google launches its first Asia-Pacific cybersecurity hub in Tokyo to combat regional cyber threats.
  • Partnering with Japanese stakeholders, Google addresses rising cyber threats, including those from China.
  • The Tokyo hub fosters collaboration and offers training to enhance cybersecurity defenses in the region.

Google launches its first Asia-Pacific cybersecurity hub in Tokyo, partnering with regional stakeholders to combat rising cyber threats.

Google established its first Asia-Pacific cyberdefense hub in Tokyo, Nikkei has learned. The move comes amidst heightened concerns over cyber espionage and attacks, with Google also disclosing a surge in cyberattacks originating from China targeting Taiwan.

The new cybersecurity hub aims to bolster regional defenses against cyber threats and foster collaboration among Japanese government agencies, companies, and academic institutions.

It will also serve as a platform for sharing the latest insights and research on cyber threats, as well as providing training programs for cybersecurity experts in the Asia-Pacific region.

In light of the growing cyber threats worldwide, Google has been expanding its cybersecurity initiatives.

Just a day ago, the arrest of a former Google engineer came. He was accused of stealing trade secrets related to artificial intelligence for Chinese companies.

In November, the tech giant inaugurated its largest cybersecurity center in Spain, citing the need to counter increasingly sophisticated and aggressive cyber threats. The establishment of the Tokyo hub underscores Google’s commitment to enhancing cybersecurity measures globally and addressing emerging threats in the Asia-Pacific region.

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