Google Hints at Pixel 8a Through Android Bug Tracker

Key Takeaways

  • A Google engineer's comment hints at the upcoming Pixel 8a.
  • Battery feature discussion reveals Pixel 8a plans.
  • Battery insights for Pixel 8a may extend to future models and Android 15 devices.

Hints about Google’s upcoming Pixel 8a have surfaced unexpectedly through discussions on a public Android bug forum.

In a conversation about a battery statistics feature, a Google engineer’s reference to its implementation in the Pixel 8a inadvertently signals the nearing launch of the Google Pixel 7a’s successor.

A thread initiated due to the temporary presence and removal of a battery health information screen on the forum mentioned its reintroduction with the Pixel 8a device.

A comment hinting on Google Pixel 8a
A comment hinting on Google Pixel 8a | Source:

The mention suggests that these detailed battery insights might not only be available for the Pixel 8a. They could also expand to include future Pixel models and, eventually, all devices running Android 15, expected later in the year.

Recalling the Google Pixel 7a, introduced at Google IO 2023, offers a clue to the anticipated debut timeline for the Pixel 8a, potentially at a similar event.

Pricing for the Pixel 7a was set at $499. Early speculation suggests the Pixel 8a might hover around this price point, although there’s talk of a possible increase.

Leaks about the Pixel 8a include a speculated 6.1-inch display akin to the Pixel 7a and a glimpse at the device’s packaging. With the Google IO 2024 event’s date yet to be announced, it’s possible the Pixel 8a will be introduced there.