Google May Revamp Pixel Tablet and Drop Pricey Dock

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Key Takeaways

  • Google might relaunch its Pixel Tablet without the Charging Speaker Dock to reduce costs.
  • The relaunch could also include a stylus pen and a Bluetooth keyboard.
  • The potential pricing is rumoured to be between $349 and $379.

Google is reportedly gearing up to relaunch its Pixel Tablet but with a twist. The company is rumored to release an updated tablet version that ditches the Charging Speaker Dock, which previously inflated the price.

Alongside this move, Google will introduce a stylus pen and a Bluetooth keyboard as standalone accessories.

Pixel Tablet Without Dock?

The original Pixel Tablet, launched last year, left users wanting more. Despite supporting the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI), it shipped without a pen or a keyboard accessory.

According to a leaker @MysteryLupin on X, Google is addressing this gap by offering the Pixel Tablet without the bundled dock.

This move could make the tablet more accessible and affordable for users who don’t necessarily need the dock.

The dock-inclusive version of the Pixel Tablet currently retails at $499, with the Charging Speaker Dock accounting for a significant portion of that price.

By removing the Dock, Google could offer a more budget-friendly standalone tablet. While the exact pricing remains speculative, figures around $349 to $379 are tossed around.

Pen and Keyboard Accessories

But that’s not all. Alongside the dockless Pixel Tablet, Google is finally bringing out the long-awaited pen and Bluetooth keyboard. These accessories have been rumored to launch alongside the tablet since its inception but have never materialized.

The keyboard is expected to enhance productivity by providing a physical typing experience. The Pixel Tablet’s versatility could be further amplified by allowing users to transition from tablet mode to a laptop-like setup.

Timing and Availability

While the leak suggests a retail availability date of May 10, it remains uncertain whether Google will wait until its annual developer conference, Google I/O, on May 14.

Regardless, the prospect of a more affordable Pixel Tablet with essential accessories is exciting news for Android enthusiasts and productivity seekers.