Google Meet Can Now Switch Calls Between Devices

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Key Takeaways

  • Google Meet now lets you switch calls between devices.
  • You can start a call on your phone and finish on your computer.
  • The feature is available to both personal and Workspace users.

In what many would see as a long overdue move, Google Meet has added a call transfer feature allowing users to switch devices mid-call.

The update, which is now available to both Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google accounts, brings the video chat platform up to par with key competitors.

The feature, which is sure to be a welcome addition for remote workers and business users, allows users to start a call on one device and then transfer it to another without interrupting the conversation. You can start a call on your smartphone and then transfer it to your computer when you get to the office, or vice versa.

While Google Meet has been playing catch-up in this regard, the feature is a significant addition to the platform. The feature will provide users with more flexibility and control, even on the fly.

Google, in a blog post, notes the call transfer feature is simple to use — just click the “Switch Here” button on your current Google Meet device and select the device you want to switch to. The call will then be transferred to the new device automatically, allowing you to continue your conversation without any interruption. The feature also allows users to keep the ongoing call on both devices.

Google Meet’s rivals, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, have offered similar features for some time now. Nevertheless, with this update, Google is demonstrating its commitment to keeping pace with the competition.