Google One VPN Service Will Shut Down Later This Year

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Key Takeaways

  • Google is shutting down One's VPN service sometime "later this year."
  • The company pointed to a lack of demand.
  • Pixel 7 and newer phones can still use VPN through their device settings.

Google is shutting down the VPN service for One subscribers sometime “later this year.”

The company told customers in an email that it was dropping Google One VPN to help it focus on “providing the most in-demand features and benefits.” It’s also dropping free shipping for some Google Photos print orders as of May 15th.

VPN access will still be available for free on Pixel 7 and newer Google phones through the devices’ settings.

We’ve asked Google for comment and will let you know if we hear back. In a statement to Techopedia, the company said it was dropping the VPN feature as it learned that subscribers “simply weren’t using it.”

Google introduced One’s VPN service in October 2020 as a perk for Android users (later multiple platforms, including iPhone). Like competing offerings, it provided a private, secure connection that would shelter some of your online activity from advertisers, hackers, and other unwanted observers.

The VPN originally required at least a 2TB Google One Premium plan costing $10 per month (or $100 per year), but was made available to all plans in 2023.

This won’t necessarily create problems if you’re affected. There are numerous free VPN alternatives, including Proton VPN and the browser-based Opera VPN. However, they won’t necessarily be as convenient as Google One.

It’s also worth considering standalone paid VPN services. Many of them let you choose a virtual location to stream content from other countries, while others may provide better performance for gaming. The Google One VPN mainly serves as a helpful bonus for members who want to protect their internet traffic.