Google Opens Its Smart Home Platform to Everyone

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Key Takeaways

  • Google has opened developer access to its Home platform.
  • This lets anyone build device and automation support into their apps.
  • ADT and Eve are among the early supporters.

Google has opened access to its smart home platform, letting developers use compatible devices and automations in their own apps.

The newly open Home toolkit can talk to any device that supports either the universal Matter standard or the more proprietary Works With Google Home. Both Android and iOS apps can use the functionality.

Early access companies already have use of the extended Google smart home support. A waiting list is available for any other developer willing to sign up. The initial apps to support the widened Home framework should be available this fall, the company’s Anish Kattukaran said to The Verge.

ADT is using the technology for a “Trusted Neighbor” option that lets you offer temporary access to a home with Google devices. Eve, best known for its Apple-oriented HomeKit hardware, is using the tools to deliver its promised Android app.

On top of this, Google is broadening its platform by making Google TV devices double as Home and Matter smart home hubs, including recent Chromecasts. Certain LG TVs will get the option, too. Accordingly, current hubs (such as the second-generation Nest Hub and Google Wifi router) will get an update to allow local control when your phone and hub are on the same Wi-Fi network.

The additions could boost adoption of Google smart home devices and help them compete with Amazon’s Alexa. However, they could also let apps tap into smart home features that are normally outside of their scope, such as a home rental app that could switch on lights when you arrive.