Google Password Manager Now Offers Family Sharing

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Key Takeaways

  • Family password sharing will simplify logins for common access portals.
  • The feature is live, but the rollout has not yet reached all devices.
  • Others in your group will be notified of new details in Password Manager.

The family password sharing option for Google Password Manager appears to be on the way, following an initial tease.

As part of Safer Internet Day earlier this year, an update was provided on the family link function the Alphabet-owned company was set to introduce.

Now the rollout is live, as Password Manager on mobile contains the feature when you’re using Google Play Services v24.20, as reported by Android Authority.

The option is not yet available on all devices, even those running on the latest software update, so it could be some time before there is universal coverage. 

Once the feature is set up, the others in your family group will be granted access to a copy of the relevant password details in their Google Password Manager to be used on a particular portal. 

Family password sharing is due to work for websites as long as login details are already saved in your existing Password Manager folder, but the feature still isn’t showing on Chrome desktop at present. 

Google’s support pages detail how the feature will work.

The U.S. tech behemoth provided some examples of how the password-sharing will bring a helping hand to users, including managing daycare for children and letting parents access school assignments. It appears there will also be benefits for streaming services, VPNs, and other common-access purposes.

Google Password Manager is also set to receive a fresh look with a Material You redesign on Android. It’s also being rolled out to users at present.