Google Pixel 8a Leak: Obsidian Finish and Enhanced Bezels

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  • New, live images of the Google Pixel 8a have appeared online.
  • The device has quite noticeable bezels, especially at the bottom.
  • The expected launch of the Google Pixel 8a is May 2024.

Fresh live images of the Google Pixel 8a have appeared online, giving us a glimpse of its possible design. These pictures suggest there might be a black color choice for the device. Observers can notice the phone has a curved display and significant bezels around the screen.

This is among the many other leaks about the Pixel 8a, slated to launch in May 2024.

The Design: A Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

The Pixel 8a’s leaked photos reveal the phone in a unique black color, likely to be called Obsidian (as is custom with Google). On the back, you’ll find the iconic camera visor stretching across, containing two sensors and a circular LED flash, all neatly finished with the subtle Google branding.

Yet, it’s the front of the Pixel 8a that’s causing a stir. The device sports quite noticeable bezels, especially at the bottom, a departure from the current trend of slimmer bezels. Nevertheless, the Pixel’s superior software and camera quality are expected to compensate for potential drawbacks related to its bezel size, keeping it attractive to tech lovers.

Earlier this week, an advertisement from Google Fi Wireless also generated a buzz around the new Pixel 8a’s design. The ad seems to show what could be the Pixel 8a, noticeable by the lack of a microphone hole in the usual spot on the Pixel 8, which is typically between the cameras and the LED flash.

Additionally, another phone appears in the advertisement’s background, characterized by a matte frame instead of the glossy finish seen on the Pixel 8 Pro. This has led to speculation that we may be looking at two versions of the Pixel 8a. Although not officially confirmed, the appearance of these phones in an ad hints at Google’s plans to refresh its Pixel lineup with exciting new features.

What We Know So Far

With the expected launch of the Google Pixel 8a in May 2024 drawing near, the anticipation within the tech community is palpable. We’re gathering all the leaks and snippets of info about what is a significant upgrade over the Pixel 7a, aiming to enhance the overall user experience significantly.

  • Upgraded Display and Performance: Central to these upgrades is a 120Hz OLED screen, a major improvement over the previous 90Hz rate. This change promises smoother scrolling and interactions. The Pixel 8a is expected to reach the same HDR brightness level as the premium Pixel 8 at 1,400 nits, hinting at a high-quality display likely made with parts from top suppliers such as BOE and Samsung.
  • New Connectivity Options with DisplayPort Output: Following in the footsteps of the Pixel 8 series, the Pixel 8a adds DisplayPort output, broadening how you can connect your device. Though initially introduced with limited software support, this feature shows Google’s aim to make the phone more adaptable for various uses, from work to play.
  • Continued Camera Excellence, Powered by Software: Google’s Pixel range is well-known for its exceptional camera quality, thanks mainly to its advanced software. The Pixel 8a keeps the 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor in the Pixel 7a. With the new Tensor G3 processor, we expect even slight improvements in picture quality and processing power.
  • Significant Processor Upgrade: Introducing the Google Tensor G3 processor is a big step, ensuring better efficiency and speed. Thanks to a modern core design and an upgraded GPU, this enhancement will likely close the gap between the A series and its more premium counterparts.
  • Wider Availability: In response to criticism over the limited reach of previous Pixel models, Google plans to release the Pixel 8a in more European countries. This expansion reflects Google’s desire to increase its presence worldwide, making the Pixel experience available to more people.

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