Google Will Start Selling Its Project Starline Video Call Booth in 2025

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Key Takeaways

  • Google is teaming with HP to start selling Project Starline in 2025.
  • The 3D video call booth will work with Zoom, Google Meet, and other services.
  • The system will be aimed at businesses that want the in-person feel with remote meetings.

After years of testing, Google has confirmed it will start selling its Project Starline video call booth in 2025.

The company is teaming with HP to commercialize the 3D video call booth, and is “working” to make it available through common apps like Google Meet and Zoom. More details will be available this year, Google said.

Project Starline is characterized as a “magic window” that makes a remote video caller appear as if they’re in the same room. It creates highly realistic 3D models of the callers that replicates their exact body language and facial expressions. A 65-inch light field display, meanwhile, produces a sense of depth without requiring glasses or virtual reality headsets.

Google had been working on Project Starline for five years before its debut at I/O 2021, but the launch was well-timed as the pandemic had raised interest in solutions for remote work. By late 2022, the tech giant was testing Starline with companies like Salesforce and T-Mobile.

Pricing isn’t available, but the initial customer base is expected to revolve around larger companies that can afford the money and physical space. While Google has vowed to make Project Starline more affordable and accessible over time, it’s not intended for home use as it exists today.

The telepresence system may face some unexpected competition. Apple has made realistic virtual video calls a key feature of the Vision Pro, and more recently introduced spatial Personas that can occupy space in your room and even interact with shared apps. While the Vision Pro isn’t as comfortable as Starline, it’s also more involved and might be less expensive.