‘Hades II’ Technical Test Ends as Early Access Nears

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Key Takeaways

  • The 'Hades II' technical test has wound down.
  • Early Access is coming soon.
  • Expectations are high for the sequel.

Supergiant Games, the developer behind Bastion and Transistor, has announced the conclusion of the technical test phase for Hades II. The trial run, which gave participants an early look at the game’s mechanics and gameplay, is set to shut down today.

Despite the technical test’s end, Supergiant has assured fans that Hades II will soon be available in Early Access. 

“We plan to start winding down the Technical Test on Monday, April 29, after which point it will no longer be available in participants’ Steam libraries,” reads a blog post published earlier today. “However, we plan to launch Hades II in Early Access relatively soon after that, so please stay tuned!”

The game studio also said the transition promises an expanded and more polished experience for players.

While the exact timeline for the Early Access launch remains undisclosed, Supergiant has hinted at a relatively swift transition following the conclusion of the technical test.

Acknowledging the contribution of testers, Supergiant also expressed gratitude for their patience and assistance in identifying and addressing critical issues during the technical test. 

“The Test helped us identify and address a number of key technical issues we weren’t able to find before,” reads the blog.

One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming release is the promise of substantial content. Supergiant has teased that the Early Access version of Hades II will boast more content than its predecessor, setting the stage for a more expansive gaming experience.